Conquer your Fear of Change

We live in a world full of changes and the changes happen too fast that we barely catch up with them.

Strange enough, when the change concerns our personal lives, we’re not very welcoming. We tend to think a lot about it, analyze it, slow it down, and even stop it just for the sake of staying in our comfort zones! A comfort zone is definitely much cozier, familiar, and inspires security & stability. And sometimes even when this comfortable zone is no longer comfortable, bringing us more troubles, we tend to cope rather than change, believing that it’d be safer and that things would eventually get better.

When faced with a decision where we have to choose between what is “known, comfy, warm” and what is “unknown, uncomfortable, risky”, we spend time thinking and re-thinking with a tendency to go for the first option. Few are those who chose the road not taken, the path that hides ambiguities. In reality, if we take a look on the stories of successful people, we’ll find that most if not all of them have dared to make a change, to take a different path, to step out from where they are to the unknown that holds multiple of new choices and opportunities – what in our language we call “risks”. Deepak Chopra, the worldwide public speaker and spiritual figure, once said: “Within uncertainty, you will find the freedom to create anything you want. The unknown is the field of all possibilities.”

If you seek different results in your life, you need to try new options; you just cannot keep trying the same old patterns and expect different results!

It is true that fear is a natural feeling that we all experience when put in unfamiliar situations, but it is by exploring these situations that we learn and allow our development. I once read a book that actually encourages us to start doing whatever causes us to feel afraid, whatever paralyzes our basic nature of self exploration. So, try this, make a list of what you are afraid to do with no reasonable justification, then start attacking your fear. Only by attacking fear, you will discover that it was an illusion, a mind trick that holds you back. For example, if you are afraid to speak in public, participate in an activity where you are asked to make live presentations. If you are hesitant about a decision, just take it and assume the consequences. Try, experience, and act because only “Action” will dissipate fear. Living in the shadow of fear, however, won’t allow you to enjoy life fully.

On the other hand, the changes don’t have to be drastic. If you want to bring change in your life, try including new and small ones. You can start a new activity, like a sport, a music class. You can change your daily routine, change the subjects you talk about, change your attitude or behavior in certain situations. You can actually start by smiling more! What is important here is to create something new, break the chains and escape your own prison. And it’s very normal to make mistakes, so don’t be harsh on yourself since you will learn throughout the process and adjust yourself. By allowing these small changes, you will be more flexible towards making big ones. And furthermore, you will develop your own navigation system that will guide you throughout the journey. In other words, you will learn to make the right choices that suit your personality.


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