A Curse called Planning

Okay..it’s time for me now to admit some facts about the role of planning in my life:

Don’t get it wrong, I always loved planning stuff! Taking the time to reflect about something, putting ideas into a logical sequence, prioritizing, connecting the dots. One of the mind’s games that I really enjoy doing…but the story doesn’t end here.

I remember once in a job interview, an executive manager asked me the traditional question: What do you think your best skills are? And with a confident smile I answered: Planning. “Planning on its own is not a positive skill, unless it is translated into feasible effective actions.” That was his answer. And Reddish was the color of my face.

All goes well in the planning process (for me), but when it starts hitting the scheduling and action plan phases, my enthusiasm hits the ground! So the result is either starting acting upon the plan for a day, 2, and even a week, OR settling with watching my plan hanged on the wall just like a piece of art..and guess what with time passing by, you eventually don’t notice it anymore.

So it goes like that: Plans as long as they are written on a piece of paper look appealing. Something happens afterwards, when these written ideas need to be manifested! I always wondered about the reasons: lack of discipline, lack of belief, laziness, procrastination…although these ones seem to be more of symptoms rather than deep and true justifications.

The dilemma goes further when I start to feel trapped by my plans. I start to hate them, they just make me feel imprisoned and suck all the air out of the room. This strong feeling of being chained to whatever commitment does something to me. And achieving the plan (that I chose  for my own growth) turns out to be a struggle…


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4 responses to “A Curse called Planning

  • anilraheja

    we almost never plan anymore – just go with the flow. and with the strong belief that nothing can go wrong, & if it does, there’s something to be learned – besides, of course, ‘you should’ve planned 🙂

  • Visionkeeper

    Hi Frou…I know where you’re coming from. I have dealt with that and in doing so realized something very valuable. As we well know, the world is made up of all types, we each have a type. You are the creater of the plan, you see it and put it down on paper. Now you need to get in a job where you can do that, that is your job, then you pass the plans on to someone else in the chain and they do the doing, cause that is what they do. We each have our skills. Do not hate it. You just need to find the right situation where your planning is exercised, appreciated and manifested by others….Work on finding that job and you will shine….;-) VK

    • Frou

      VK..seems like u got into my mind 🙂 thats what I tried to do actually and somehow found it..yet to reach it I cannot go without plans, however the more I plan, the less I achieve…a real paradox…

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