Postponing Happiness

I’m not Happy… I’m not Happy because my life is a mess, I can’t achieve my goals, I have debts, I live from paycheck to paycheck, I eat junk food, I’m fat, I rarely exercise, I’m not progressing the way I want in my career, I have troubles in my relationships and people can’t even understand me.

I’m just not Happy living this life…

What???!! You want me to be happy Now? Are you blind? Didn’t you hear what I just said? Do you want me to be unrealistic and deceive my own self? What is good about my life to be happy about? I’m not even close to where I want to be!

If I won’t be happy now, when I will be Happy? Well, when I achieve my dreams and goals. Yes Only when I do it…Uhhh, yeah of course I have achieved some stuff before, but it’s different now..I mean now I want different things. What I used to dream of yesterday no longer serves me today…

Yes I know I thought I was going to be happy when I’ve achieved those stuff but…you know what? Even after I did, I wasn’t that happy! I expected to be happier honestly but I just wasn’t…

Oh! Do you want to say that I keep telling myself I will be happy when…….but when I’ll do it, I will not feel that content just like before?

My mind is tricking me, isn’t it? Those stuff I want to achieve will not bring me happiness on their this what you want to tell me?

There will always be something missing, yet there is always more to run after. Kind of a Mirage. An Illusion…

So linking happiness with achievement is an illusion. Happiness is independent. An independent reality. It needs no external resources to be fully experienced.

Postponing Happiness is the illusion. So it’s about taking the decision to be content and happy right now, right here!

Happiness is a Choice I shall make. A Choice I’m responsible for…


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Free Spirit locked in an elusive mind. Going on a self discovery journey that appeared to be not only about thyself but also about the "other"..breaking the chains and building new ones... View all posts by Frou

3 responses to “Postponing Happiness

  • Visionkeeper

    Frou…. I hope the last sentence was correct. I hope you will accept the responsibility for being happy because as you said, the choice is yours.
    Remember when I left you with the suggestion to write your obituary and I told you to write the good things friends said about you? Those things you write are what your soul truly wants and your higher self as well. If you can find just one trait to become out of it, one thing to do to get you to that place, then things shift in a new direction. It takes a first step out of where you are and the motion begins. Hope you will start that motion rolling because you have so much to give the world….VK 🙂

  • mygirlfriendvoice

    I have had all of the same thoughts! I spent a good 40 years waiting, wondering and blaming others for my personal disappointment and unhappiness. If you’d like to read my thoughts, please visit my entry titled: The Responsible One:

    • Frou

      Actually your post caught my attention especially when you state how it is all about the small acts…What is really complex about this topic is even with enough awareness and knowledge we still fall in the trap from time to time…

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