The Myth of Acceptance: An attempt to Understand

It’s a Myth yes…

You simply think you understand what Acceptance is about, what does it imply, how does it look like…you may have rationalized the different interpretations of this mystic word:

– Embracing life events as they come

– Stop Resisting what’s happening in your life

– Letting go

– Living the present moment…past and future are but illusions

– Loving Yourself unconditionally

– Being aligned with the natural laws of the Universe

– Just Being

All of these are true and deep readings of Acceptance transmitted to us by wise men’s words and thoughts. They helped us to get the concept.

Yet Acceptance can never be Understood. It’s to be Known and experienced.

So What is Acceptance? it seems like a simple question. The trap lies in seeking its answer through our “mind” – our concrete-dimensional-limited mind.

I’m telling this because Acceptance has been something I was looking for. And I’ve just realized that I won’t ever find it as long as I keep looking for it…Just like the air, Acceptance is always there but it’s up to you to inhale it and let it in.

Today I’m practicing letting it in, and I can’t tell you how weird it feels like! How uncomfortable and scary it is too!  The whole thing is paradoxical: while allowing acceptance to penetrate you, your mind is on alert! It starts creating anxiety and fear scenarios with the aim of protecting you against this unknown intruder, so you find yourself in need of accepting “Acceptance” itself!!!

But again, it’s when you allow yourself to feel the worry: feeling it everywhere in your body, feeling how it invades your throat, your chest, your stomach, your arms, and your legs. Feeling how much it hurts without attempting to stop it. Then you start realizing that it is your mind that is creating those stories inside your head and pushing you to act upon them as if they were real. The moment you are able to identify the scenarios as “scenarios”, your awareness brings you out of them. Just like a storm…it cannot be stopped, you just prepare yourself to experience it until it passes over you. And just a few minutes later (and maybe a few hours), the sun is shining again and the blue sky sings out its joyful melodies.

For Me, to Accept, I shall allow myself to feel the pain (the emotional pain), while fully letting it in before trying to let it out…

And that is my attempt to understand.


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