What is it about?

They say we live between our minds and feelings but I mostly live between my mind and…my mind

Writing about the voices of the mind might be the way out. Letting voices out and watching them through picturized  words will allow you & me to observe, judge, and decide. No resistance, they keep getting stronger. Letting them go, or embracing them.

Choosing between living with your voices in harmony or living without them in harmony.

I will share the voices of my mind here, loud, calm, tough, tender, irrational, logic, whatever they might be, I will set them free…

More About Me:

Ferial is my name

Free Spirit, reading, writing, jogging, biking, dancing, music addict

I know I’m here in this world to make a difference. I’m keen on exploring my purpose and living with passion. With a strong desire to fulfill my true calling, I want to guide others and help them find their own way of true happiness and being


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