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Simply Complicated

Life is Simple.

We over-complicate it…in our minds.

But wait a minute! Life IS complicated.

And  Humans, today, are over-simplifying its laws and principles. The Shallow Hal effect…

What I’m sure of is: We must not live life without reflecting, without waking up, opening our eyes to the Light, asking questions in an attempt to decode the many Why’s and How’s…That is our calling. Actually it’s even more than that, it’s our DUTY.


The Myth of Acceptance: An attempt to Understand

It’s a Myth yes…

You simply think you understand what Acceptance is about, what does it imply, how does it look like…you may have rationalized the different interpretations of this mystic word:

– Embracing life events as they come

– Stop Resisting what’s happening in your life

– Letting go

– Living the present moment…past and future are but illusions

– Loving Yourself unconditionally

– Being aligned with the natural laws of the Universe

– Just Being

All of these are true and deep readings of Acceptance transmitted to us by wise men’s words and thoughts. They helped us to get the concept.

Yet Acceptance can never be Understood. It’s to be Known and experienced.

So What is Acceptance? it seems like a simple question. The trap lies in seeking its answer through our “mind” – our concrete-dimensional-limited mind.

I’m telling this because Acceptance has been something I was looking for. And I’ve just realized that I won’t ever find it as long as I keep looking for it…Just like the air, Acceptance is always there but it’s up to you to inhale it and let it in.

Today I’m practicing letting it in, and I can’t tell you how weird it feels like! How uncomfortable and scary it is too!  The whole thing is paradoxical: while allowing acceptance to penetrate you, your mind is on alert! It starts creating anxiety and fear scenarios with the aim of protecting you against this unknown intruder, so you find yourself in need of accepting “Acceptance” itself!!!

But again, it’s when you allow yourself to feel the worry: feeling it everywhere in your body, feeling how it invades your throat, your chest, your stomach, your arms, and your legs. Feeling how much it hurts without attempting to stop it. Then you start realizing that it is your mind that is creating those stories inside your head and pushing you to act upon them as if they were real. The moment you are able to identify the scenarios as “scenarios”, your awareness brings you out of them. Just like a storm…it cannot be stopped, you just prepare yourself to experience it until it passes over you. And just a few minutes later (and maybe a few hours), the sun is shining again and the blue sky sings out its joyful melodies.

For Me, to Accept, I shall allow myself to feel the pain (the emotional pain), while fully letting it in before trying to let it out…

And that is my attempt to understand.

My thoughts about Meditation

A few years ago, for me the word “meditation” was for those spiritual gurus living in their own bubble far from the real world.

But the universe had other plans for me, opening the door for a self discovery path. This is when I started to realize how shallow my judgments were. My thoughts about meditation were completely distorted. Enjoying a quiet mind was the simple message from this practice. And how a quiet mind can enhance the quality of your life.

So I found myself interested in practicing this exercise that would bring me peace of mind. Starting with 5 minutes of sitting in a quiet room with soothing music in the background, the experience was not so bad! Actually the mind didn’t like it that much, but something deeper (I don’t know what to call it) was enjoying the process…
One year later I got introduced to Transcendental Meditation. A program of 20 minutes practiced twice per day. I gladly welcomed it and was lucky to have gone through deep states of pure quietness. Yet the mind didn’t appear to have been enjoying as such and declared WAR. In this particular time I was  facing some problems in my relationship where anxiety and stress took the leading roles. Meditating started to become a painful process where feelings of resistance and fear were exaggerated. Hiding away was my reaction, and I stopped meditating.

I released my mind struggle yet that “thing” inside of me that enjoyed the whole experience the very 1st time I tried it didn’t disappear. Actually it started to resonate in my heart begging me to give it another shot.

Several months passed by with me ignoring the voice. However I knew I’d come back. And I did. And it got better.

The secret was simply letting go off all my expectations, embracing the experience as it is even with the mind chatter. Today I meditate once per day for 20 minutes. And it feels good.

The Questions Are Mine

These are not questions. Call them interrogative statements of wonder, inspection, puzzlement..

– Why do we struggle to see the picture clear?

– Why can’t we clearly listen to the truth echoing in our hearts?

– Why don’t we trust the voices of our instincts?

– Why don’t we act upon our true beliefs?

– Why do we choose our own stagnation while we strive for real change?

– Why do we hold on to our griefs while all we want is to be happy?

– Why don’t we change what we keep condemning and criticizing?

– Why don’t we get out of our own buble and envy those who do?

– Why do we ignore the heart when it cries out to be heard?

– Why do we ignore the soul when it burns to be freely expressed?

– Why do we ignore the body when it keeps sending us signals of exhaustion?

The Answers are yours…

What’s Stopping You from being YOU??

And I wonder..

What is stopping me from being ME?

What is stopping all the people I know from being themselves?

Don’t talk to me about the Circumstances! I hate when we start doing that.. Putting ourselves in the bubble of circumstances…Till When?

All religious writings confirmed that if we want to do something, we can do it if we believe. All philosophers, spiritual gurus, and scientists tried to explain that as well..

What else do we need to start following the dream?

What are we waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Things from up there!

This is where I want to look at things from..

Always from above, distant, detached, objectively and wisely…

The Fake Moments in our Lives

The Fake Moments in our Lives.