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Journey of an Elusive Mind

August 2008..The journey began: I learnt that I can actually achieve my desires, that I can have the life of my dreams and that whenever there’s a will, there’s a way..I honestly never thought this was possible. For 23 years, I considered life as nothing but a series of progressive steps wherein we achieve something not necessarily related to what we love, or what we care about..we just shoot the ball to get the right score that will allow us to move to the next stage.

And then Somehow it was time for me to realize how narrow my view of life was..Taking into consideration the right messages and reflecting about the signs I kept receiving, Reality started to take another shape. I was able to see gradually everything differently..I realized how vital to have a dream is, how important to believe in something, to hold on to it, a big picture, a Purpose. And then a series of revelations, Aha-Moments, enlightenment preceded.

Seeking Answers for many questions was the journey I found myself in.

Three years have passed, yes, many answers got revealed. Yet more questions are curving their way into my head.

Many events happened to me, many life time experiences got me closer to myself and to the “source”.The Big picture is getting clearer day after day yet I know the journey is still in its very beginning.

And the biggest part of the story I will tell is with my friend and foe: Mr. Elusive Mind.